buy XTC Rolls Royce 240mg


Buy Ecstasy online from our shop with the best stealth available .Rolls Royce 240mg XTC pills using 94%+ pure Dutch moonrock MDMA .These pills came direct from Holland and were made using only the highest quality MDMA which we also sell pure direct wholesale. We only sell 140mg and 240mg dose pills. 140mg is the perfect single dose size for most users. Newbies may want to start with half. The 240mg size is the .perfect amount to share with friends. We brought in the Rolls Royce pill because its a hard, shiny pressed rectangle, so virtually no breakage which is important. We ship by total weight, you may have a few more or a few less than the order as its impossible for us to perfectly count out your order for as often as these are ful􀃘lled

buy XTC Rolls Royce 240mg
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