Molly Fact Sheets

Molly Fact Sheets

Molly is considered to be pure MDMA, unlike ecstasy, which is generally laced with other drugs. Molly use is most common among 16 to 24 year olds.

Class of drug: Stimulant

Active ingredient:   MDMA – a synthetic, psychoactive drug with hallucinogenic properties. Its chemical       structure is similar to methamphetamine, which is known to cause brain damage..

What it looks like: Molly is the powder or crystal form of MDMA, the same chemical used in ecstasy. Molly is gen- erally white or yellow and looks similar to sugar.


How it is used: Molly is taken orally in powdered or capsule form, dissolved in liquid or snorted.

Duration of high: For most people, effects of MDMA last for three to six hours. It takes about 15 minutes for MDMA to enter the bloodstream and reach the brain. It takes about an hour for the high to reach its peak.

Characteristics of high: Molly floods the brain with neurotransmitters— serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine— making the user feel euphoric, elated, empathic and energetic.

Effects: Confusion, anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep disorders, muscle cramps, tremors, nausea, faint- ness, chills, sweating, blurred vision, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, seizures

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Dangers of using Molly: High doses of MDMA can interfere with the ability to regulate body temperature, resulting in hyperthermia, dehydration and liver, kidney or cardiovascular failure. Despite claims of being pure, Molly is often still “cut” or mixed with other harmful substances without the knowledge of the user.

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